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Pictures of Success
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 12:53 pm
PostPost subject: Pictures of Success
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Pictures of Success
By Rilo Kiley
>From the cd Takeoffs and Landings

These are the chord changes.
The guitar doesn't actually play any of the chords:

D           G  Bmin   A 
build your own television receiver
D         G  Bmin          A
staying home can't be that bad for me cause
D          G           Bmin             A
i'm not scared but i'd like some extra spare time
D    G  Bmin        A 
easily earn me big money


G             A          D            Bmin
they say california is a recipe for a black hole
G                     A               A
and i say i've got my best shoes on
i'm ready to go
ready to go
ready to go
i'm ready to go

Keep hitting D-bmin-G-A, change on "go."

As for the actual guitar parts, there are basically four "figures" throughout the song,
and Blake Sennett just alternates between them.  Each figure is played once in the
extended instrumental part before the singing starts.  I'm going to list them in the order
they are played right when the song sorts.  Once you have all the parts down,
just mix and match through the verses.

The song starts like this (guitar and bass)

------------------------------------- Repeat twice

then it goes into the natural harmonics part. I forget what
symbol is for natural harmonic.  If you don't know how to play
a natural harmonic, you just place your finger on the
appropriate string at the seventh fret without pushing down. 
You should get a ringing sound. Or else just play
this "normally." 

--------7-------7-------7---------7---  Repeat several times

Then the guitar does this:


and then goes directly to the pull-offs slide part:
---------------(7)-----(7)----------7/9\7----------- Repear
They do this a bit different each time, so the ending
slides aren't exactly the same.  Sometimes they hit the
notes in parenthesis, sometimes not.  There's two guitars
on the track. . .

then right before the singing you get this little bit:

So that's basically it.  Just mix and match the four parts through the verses,
and at the end of each verse don't forget last little riff.  I know that's a
weird fingering but I like to let the open strings ring out.

On the chorus, you can try natural harmonics and a slide for the guitar on
the "hospitals and freeways" parts, but it will still sound lousy:

Fot the "they say CA ... up through the "ready to go" I just play the chords.
The mini-solo at the end is:

14-14-14-12-14-12-14-15-- (high E string) repeat 3x

17-17-17-19-19-19-21-21-21-22-22-22- (high E string)

Stay together for the kids
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